Sunday, April 29, 2007

Fashion Show

Hooray! The fashion show! And without much further ado, we'll begin :)

Listed in no particular order.

1)Submitted by Chrissie

"I call it a shawl fit for a fairy queen. It is the leaf lace shawl from Fibertrends, knitted in a deep gorgeous slightly variegated wine colored handspun merino alpaca fingering weight on 4mm needles. The last row is knitted with a toning shade of fingering weight mohair, to give it some fluffiness, and bound off with sparkly mohair/wool blend. It is supposed to connect to the fairy people who wear autumn leaves as wreathes and decorations all year around, the sparkle simulates dew drops or mist drops trembling on the edges of the leaves. The color is just right for Viviane or Morgaine but I think it is a shawl the fairy queen would wear all year around. I feel like a queen in it."

2) Submitted by Jules

"My entry for the KnitAvalon is the Elfin Bride sweater. I picked this project because it was already on my list of things I would like to knit and I just felt it reflected the medieval era. I felt the women in the castle would wear this top with a big, bustly skirt. Just a short description, but mostly, this project just felt like Mists of Avalon."

3) Submitted by Melanie

"Why did I pick this project for our KAL?

Well, admittedly. When I first thought of doing a project, I was thinking of making a shawl...I love me some lace.
But then I saw that many other people had the same idea. (Great minds think alike!)
Then I thought about the Lady E stole...still wrap, but different then a lace shawl...and then I noticed a few others had that idea as well.

I wanted to be different. I wanted something unique. I wanted something that really said Avalon to me.

I had this yarn in my stash, just waiting for the right project to come along. And when I did the "stash dive" hoping for some inspiration, it screamed 'pick me, pick me!" I think it is the perfect color for our Avalon woman.

Gwen says many times throughout the book how blue is "her color". And while I originally picked the color thinking of her, the entire project, including the color, ended up being for Morgaine.

So I had the what? Shawls and wraps were out, someone was making socks already (I had done a pair as well...)..and I kept thinking about the blue skirts and leather tunics the priestesses were described wearing in the now I knew I wanted to make a tunic of some sort.

I found an adorable tunic pattern in Interweave Knits, but the gauge and look was all wrong to me. I wanted something a bit more simple, yet striking. And then I happened upon this pattern from I knew it was the one.

The lace panel, the ribbon, the cabled edging..all of it make this tunic feminine..but the reverse stockinette being the right side, the twisted stitches running up the body keep the over all effect simple and elegant. There is nothing "girly" about this top what-so-ever.

I am very pleased with the way it turned out. I could easily see Morgaine
wearing something like this. Or any priestess for that matter.

When I wear this tunic, I can't help but feel an inner strength. I can't help but be proud that I am a woman, and I think all the blessings that come from being a female.

I do not feel guilty for my actions, or "less then" because of my gender. I f
eel empowered. I feel like a modern day priestess, representin" for the Goddess."

4) Submitted by Linda

"I knitted a pattern from the most recent Knit Simple - it's a simple cotton
baby outfit that I could picture baby Arthur or baby Mordred wearing.
Simple and comfortable!!"
5) Submitted by Dawn

"Well, here are the pictures of the un-finished cape, but it is coming along, lol."

6) Submitted by Em

(Em's comments will be added later this afternoon)

7) Submitted by Brooke

"Acckkk!! So close to being finished, yet so far away! I have about one more inch to go on the lace pattern, then a small border and voila! I'm done! I originally started designing this cowl with Viviane in mind, but as I worked my way through the rhythmic stitching, it became apparent to me who this really would have belonged to: Igraine. I could envision her wearing this while standing on the parapets of her castle in Cornwall looking out over the Winter sea, endlessly waiting for Gorlois to return home. (pre-Uther of course). She would have tired from sitting in a small room with her daughters and women, thrown this on and headed out for some fresh air, leaving her spinning behind. I can't wait to finish up this homage to her spirit and wear it when I'm over in Ireland."

8) Submitted by Jo

"One of my clearest memories of the movie is of the ruanas worn throughout. Early on,
Morgaine wears a lavender one, and I loved it and wanted to make one for me the
moment I saw it.

Well, I'd probably never wear one in real life, but I would wear a poncho like this
one, which looks like the ruana the way they wrapped it in the movie.

I cast on late on the 8th of April and finished the following Monday.

The yarn is Red Heart Symphony, which, in spite of being acrylic, is a really
scrumptious yarn. I know from experience that this yarn will just get more and more
fuzzy as time goes on.

If anyone wants a pattern for this, I can write it out for you. The way I wrote the
pattern, you can use any weight yarn and you can put a border on the bottom if you

Thanks! The KAL has been so much fun!"

If you've missed out on the fashion show post, please feel free to post what you've got! We'd all love to take a peek, I'm sure :)

Thanks to everyone for such fantastic it's time to deliberate on the winners...

Saturday, April 28, 2007

finished bar the edging:)

I'm almost done with my Beltaine shawl, here are some pictures for you:) I am part way through the saw tooth edging and hope to finish this evening. Didn't want to not post progress though. Yarn is my most favourite in the world. Mountain colors mohair in Indian paintbrush. I've used 3 skeins total. I love the yarn its so soft, warm and glorious colours


Oops! I meant to say finished and unfinished project photos. We would all love to see what you've done, even if they're still WIP's.


Friday, April 27, 2007

Photos please, my dears!

Hello! If you haven't had a chance to send me your photos of your finished project, please do so by noon tomorrow so I can put together the "fashion show" post and we can decide upon a winner.

Thanks bunches!

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I decided on a Beltaine shawl:)

I'm half way through a Beltaine shawl in mountain colours mohair firey reds of course:) I decided that this festival of the year was an ideal time to make Morgaine a shawl. Fire for energy, passion and emotions and of course for all the blood of this book. A festival of the old times that were fading away into little pockets of remembrance apart from pagans. Beltaine has always been one of my favourite times on the wheel of they ear. We got handfasted at a sacred spot in cumbria a few years ago at this time. And if I were to put the book at one particular spot on the wheel of the year then for me it has always been a beltaine book:)
Photos this week soon as Mr Mog finds the camera, it is buried under a large pile of destash stuff. We are moving back to England in a few weeks due to health stuff of mine so I'm trying to destash a 3 bedroom, 3 living room house down to a 2 bedroom 1 living room bungalow. Not easy hence the yarn and book destash. I finalyl admitted to myself I'd never knit socks in the foreseeable future so why have sock yarns and as for lace yarn, I can only use it mixed with other yarns. Sadly my hands don't feel fine yarn properly.
amber in a very wet Scotland

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I am nowhere near finishing my shawl. During the course of starting it until now, I've finished an argyle sock, a tank top, a scarf, started a top down raglan and a lot of spinning. I just don't think I'm a grand-scale lace knitter at this point in my life. The second socks I ever made were lace, so I'm capable of doing it in small doses. That's what the yarn I dyed is going to end up being anyway, some socks. Just not in time for the end of this KAL. Oh well.

In addition to not finishing the shawl, I haven't finished the book either! Eep. 0 for 2 thus far.

So I've been thinking of putting together a sort of Avalon All Year Long Knit Along (okay, I just LOVE how that sounds when you say it.) for the other people who might be in my predicament, and new people who want to join. Any thoughts?

I am pleased to see beautiful finished objects around here, though! You've all been working very hard.

Monday, April 23, 2007

I finished! And with time to spare!

Hello again everyone.

If you recall last week I showed you an in progress picture of the front of this tunic.

Well, it is an addicting and fast knit..and once I got started I could not stop!

So here it is, my completed tunic for our KAL:

I think I like it. =) I am a hard one to please.

And hey, you can't beat the photography!(LOL, I threw the rolls out after I noticed them in the pics!)

I could totally see a priestess wearing something like this (of course, she would not have jeans on). I think the color is perfect for Gwen (she always loved the blue)..and Morgaine as well.

You can find out all the details, and see more pictures on my blog.

I Guess now I better send off that e-mail for the contest(s)! =)

One Week To Go!

With only one week left of this KAL, I thought I'd put up a poll to see who has finished the book and, generally, how people felt about Mists. Please vote and let us know where you're at!

While I'm not in the contest (what with being a hostess and all ;-), I do think I'll finish my Avalon project before the end of the week. I've got about a third to go of the Arrowhead Stole from Interweave Knits, the Summer '06 issue.

If you have any questions about the contest feel free to email myself (Em) at or Brooke at

Good luck to you all!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

I'm done

I'm done my capelet that I turned into a poncho, it's a little short but like it, I don't have a home comp. right now but i'll post a pic as soon as i can :)

Friday, April 20, 2007

Contest Reminder

Hello everyone! I hope you all are doing great out there in bloggerland :) This is a quick reminder that we have one week until pictures need to be submitted for the KAL project contest. Please email them to Brooke at no later than the 27th with a short "description" as to why you chose this project. On Sunday the 29th, I'll post a fashion show of everyone's completed projects (even if you don't finish, go ahead and submit what you have, because I'm sure everyone still wants to see :) On May 1st, the winners for both contests will be announced!

Good luck!


Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Third question

Ok, here's one more question that I have been mulling over:

(Brooke, the Igraine/Viviane references are in my comments on my last post)
(Em, the bit where Morgaine realises she has become the fairy queen is near the end, the rest is extrapolation ... but the fairy queen looks very like Morgaine).

Isn't it funny that, in a book which so ostensibly grieves over the passing over of the matriarchal Great goddess/priestess/king stag culture for a patriarchal Christian god culture (where the goddess = the whore of babylon, fertility rites = sinful etc.), all the major male characters are portrayed as being so f***ed up, sorry please excuse my language but you get what I mean, by their relationships or lack of to their mothers/mother figure?

I mean, Lancelot ... would have made a great team with Morgaine, and no tragedy with Gwen (or tragedy for Camelot), but sorry Morgaine looks too like Viviane ... and who looks the opposite of Viviane? Gwen ... with whom Lancelot, read between the lines, doesn't really want to consumate their relationship (and what about the implications of the homosexual contents? Is it the old Kleinein bad devouring mother = impotent/homosexual son here? Does Lancelot finally do it with Elaine (whom he mistakes for Gwen) to prove his manhood?

Arthur: his "real" mother figure is Morgaine, the sister he remembers taking care of him as a baby. Who does Gwen resemble? His mother Igraine. His "respect" for Gwen, (his pathetic craving in yes, but also because Arthur is a gentleman and yes, new age man who totally respects his wife to the extent that he will not put her aside using reason that she's barren and take a new fertile wife, which is something Gwen probbaly wants but is a) too much of a coward b)likes her position as queen too much c) maybe doesn't want to hurt Arthur, anyway, could his respect for Gwen be a holdover from his childhood feelings that his mom never loved him or had time for him, and so he is unconsciously trying to win his mother/Gwen over by pleasing her? Oh yeah, and also because having Gwen is the closest he can "get" to Lancelot.

Arthur's cousins/Lot's son ... is their Christianity a reaction to their mother's (Morgause, queen of air and darkness) obvious pagan powers, matriarchal power still being practised in Lothian? And obviously, Mordred wouldn't be such a problem if a)Morgaine had lived up to her responsibilities, send him to be fostered properly, and brought up with the druids b)Morgause didn't hate Arthur so much as a leftover of her anger at Viviane for not being chosen for Uther (and why not her anyway? I mean, if the souls entwinned was Viviane's + Uther, then Morgause would have been qualified as a substitute in terms of bloodlines anyway. Who's to say she would have been any worse than pious Igraine?)

So, the 3 women of the first generation: Viviane (high preistess/religious power), Igraine (high queen/earthly power), Morgause (socceress/dark powers, also wild card); and their younger counterparts: Morgaine (ditto), Gwen and Elaine (pale shadow of Morgause but she did use soccery via Morgaine to get Lance into bed with her, maybe also her daughter who does become a priestess and uses her powers to ensnare Kevin the Merlin ... but also makes the younger generation more of a dialectic than a triad (maiden/mother/crone) so less balanced) ... so much feminine power and influence when the Arthurian saga traditionally all about men who jousted, fought battles and went on quests to rescued maidens in distress, but more to the point, so much power (both behind the scenes and pyschologically) used wrongly (Morgaine) if not actually abused (Gwen and maybe Viviane?), or not used when needed (Morgaine again). It's like, oh, ok, the book is all about the women behind the men ... the actual influence of events .... but it ends up NOT being empowering BECAUSE ... these women all use their powers wrongly! Is it, thank God it's now a patriarchal culture because then we won't have these poor sods of psychologically abused sons ...

I am wondering, have we, after all, ended up at the same place as more traditional versions of the Arthurian saga where Morgaine (normally confused with Morgause, actually) is portrayed as a witch who deliberately seduces her brother? Has the patriarchal culture won in MOA? Tell me one thing which these powerful women did that was NOT harmful, whether in the name of the Goddess or the Christian God. That peaceful consolatary resolution at the end, where oh the goddess lives on in the Virgin Mary so everything is cool, the power and influence of women has been subtly if not openly acknowleged ... I don't know. Why would I want women to be powerful if all they can do is mess guys up?

ok, that's a rhetorical, I am a woman not a guy in disguise ... just seems to me the book can give the 'wrong" message if you think about it.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Another Update

Hi ladies,
I finished the book last week. What can I say? I loved it.
It was my first time reading and learning the entire Arthurian legend. I had heard bits and pieces of it, and new the "big" parts..but nothing in depth like the book explained.
This was my first time reading Mists of Avalon, and I thought I got a great deal out of it..but the questions and thoughts posted by all of you have really deepened my reading. I realize that I just scratched the surface with this story.
I will read it again someday..and I am now interested in reading the other books in the series.

Also, I started another may recall I made the socks in the Camelot colorway..but I wanted to something a bit more accurate for this KAL.
So I started this adorable little tunic:

It's not purple, it is actually a beautiful dark blue...I picked it because it made me think of the clothes the priestesses wore.
Here is what I hope is a better detail to the top, there is a cool twisted stitch that travels up the body, and the right side is in reverse stockinette..there are also cables running up the side of the chest.

It is a really fun knit, and very fast. I am hoping I will have it done in time for our KAL deadline!

I got the pattern at:

Wish me luck in finishing! And happy knitting and reading!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Book discussion/question

Having read this book more than 3 times now, I am still puzzled by something and wonder whether anyone can clarify it.

Remember the bit just before Uthur dies, when Viviane goes and tries to help him and has a vision of them both as priest and priestess in Atlantis? Is that the same vision that Igraine was given by the old Merlin? Ok, it's pretty confirmed that Uther was a priest in Atlantis, but were Igraine and Viviane two different priestesses, both in love with him? Or are they both separate reincarnations of the same soul/spirit? Or is it a roving vision and any woman who has it thinks they are the "original" one? Sort of mean if that's so.

I finally took a pic of what I was working on! I took a different route with my project. When I went to my LYS, I spotted this yarn and it just screamed "Avalon" to me. In my head I picture the mists and swampy bogs, but also the lush green, fruit bearing trees, and water. The yarn is 100% merino which would have been a fiber the priestesses would have worn. It also looks handspun, which reminds me of the women spinning away in the book. I have decided to knit it into a mini clapotis... and the pattern is capturing the yarn perfectly.

Friday, April 13, 2007

I have been humbled!

I started out this project as a somewhat cocky knitter. Well, I have been humbled as I knit this Elfin Bride sweater. I was warned at the beginning of the pattern that it wasn't for the faint hearted and it isn't!!! The good thing, is that I am knitting it for this KAL and have a goal of when to finish it, so that has kept me somewhat on target! So here is where I am in my project...

Should I post a picture?

I finished Morgaine's shawl, and I think it looks fit for a fairy queen! Should I post a picture now or wait until I have done the other one or two shawls? I am on the 6th tier (out of 12) of Gwenhyfar's shawl, and as it started from the bottom the repeats get progressively longer. I hate this yarn, I have to wrestle with it and even using plastic circulars it tends to slip off.

Book discussion: yeah, Gwenhyfar was also my least favourite character, I didn't like what I saw as her hypocrisy ..., but in knitting this shawl (field of flowers, shiny pink rayon crochet thread) I started thinking about her ... do you remember she has severe, disabling agoraphobia (fear of open spaces). The book doesn't explain why she has it, but many of her actions and decisions seem to be justifications of her reactions which spring from her phobia ... not rational but phobias aren't. Coz nowadays we would sit her down before a psychoanalyst or counsellor, she would get rid of it, and then she would not make those bad judgement calls ... maybe. What I don't get (ok, knowing this is a novel and fiction and the author can make up anything she wants), is why women as sussed and intelligent as Viviane and Morgaine didn't suspect that Morgause has been tampering with Gwenhyfar's fertility through the use of herbs and potions from her subverted waiting woman. After all, if nothing is wrong with Gwen physically, then it must be through unnatural means. And if I were her, when I got pregnant I would just have kept it secret, stayed in the convent (where she felt safe), delivered the baby and then tell Arthur. That wouldn't be a problem for her reputation coz in a convent she is surrounded by nuns ... no men, so no doubts that the baby is Arthur's. But then it wouldn't be a tragedy ... coz by stupid behaviour ... ok we are back ... caused by irrational behaviour.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Finished The Book

I JUST finished reading the last page of the book. I will say that the book is 10 times better than the movie. I sort of stalled out in reading the book in the middle. It was sort of slow and boring. Monday evening I picked the book up again, intending to read a chapter or two. Instead, I could not put the book down. I read 400 plus pages in two days.

I won't say too much about the story, in case there are a few still reading it. I will say that I disliked Gwenhwyfar for most of the novel. Her pious attitude and snivelling over the sins of man, repent and all that hooplah, then to commit a grave sin herself in loving another, as well as her husband and King...blegh! It was so hypocritical. The character I loved and most identified with was Morgaine. I did not like some of the choices she made, but over all she was strong and did what she felt she must. Plus, she was ultimately the last one standing, which was sort of sad. I was all misty eyed when Morgaine visited Viviane's grave side...

And yes, I do believe there is a Goddess within us and all around us. So, Avalon is still there...just hidden. And that is all...I am now off to knit on my "Avalon" vest.

Getting There

Slowly but surely, it's coming along. I think I have about 3-4 inches to go on the white lace portion and maybe two inches for a bottom border and viola! I'm currently in search of the perfect ribbon to lace through the tan section (you can kind of make out the eyelets where the tan meets the white) I'm envisioning an ivory ribbon with pink and gold accents...The race is on to the end of the month! How is everybody else coming along with their projects?


Monday, April 9, 2007


I'm still here :) I dropped a stitch on my shawl, and I tried all week-end too fix it...I can't, so I started a capelet-type shoulder shawl, i'm making it up as I go, so far it looks OK :) I'll post a pic as soon as I take one, everyone's projects look great :)

Saturday, April 7, 2007

OT Shopping Links

Hello everyone! I just wanted to make mention that I have added a link to Cary's farm on the sidebar, for anyone interested in trying her spinning fiber and yarn. This is where my yarn came from that I'm using for my cowl. Yummy stuff! I do believe that Cary is generously donating a skein or two as a contest prize, so stop on over and show her some love!

Also, until May 1st, I'm offering a 15% discount on your total purchase from my Etsy store, to those participating in the KAL. The link is also located on the sidebar.

If anyone else is vending, please feel free to let us know and we'll add your link on the sidebar.


Friday, April 6, 2007

Triple Moon as promised

Finally! I kept forgetting to get the doily from my bedroom after I got the camera program working! lol
Well, here it is, my triple moon doily. I drew the design on graph paper first, then changed it several times at each of the moons as I was knitting it, and still wasn't that happy with my smaller moons. But I will work on them again some other time.

Still working on my Sacred Waters Shawl too....... even thinking about making it into a cloak now! lol

More Lively Discussion

As we're approaching Easter, I thought I'd put out another question slightly related to that time period (spoiler note: if you've not reached Chapter Three of The King Stag, you might not want to keep reading).

Arthur's Court is preparing to celebrate Pentecost, Morgaine is at his court, and Viviane returns to demand Arthur's open allegiance to Camelot. Within only a few pages, Viviane is struck down by Balin.

My questions are: How do you feel about her death? How do you feel about the manner of her death at the hands of this particular character? What do you think of Arthur's handling the situation? Who, if either, is right, Kevin or Morgaine in what should be done with Viviane's body? I'm curious if your answers to these questions will vary, depending on if you've finished the book or not.

I'll end with a shot of my project (finally cast-on!) for this KAL.

I'm about eight rows into what appears to be a much longer project than I anticipated :-). Luckily, I'm a process knitter. Or so I've already started reminding myself...

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Avalon Vest, Back

I am still knitting and reading The Mists...slowly, but surely. I have managed to complete the back piece of my "Avalon Vest." Sorry, the picture isn't the best. The lighting in my living room is not the greatest, at night. I should have waited until morning when the natural light was better. Oh well. I plan to cast on for the front piece of the vest tomorrow morning, after my daughters are in school. Once I get going on it, it should not take me too long to complete. *crossing fingers*

So, it's been really quiet on here for the past week. How is everyone doing? I am good. I am almost halfway through the book. I am at the part where Morgaine goes back to Avalon after being away for many years. She had her baby and spent time at Arthur's court. I am going to sit down and read several chapters tonight, rather than knit. Yup, that's about it...