Friday, April 6, 2007

Triple Moon as promised

Finally! I kept forgetting to get the doily from my bedroom after I got the camera program working! lol
Well, here it is, my triple moon doily. I drew the design on graph paper first, then changed it several times at each of the moons as I was knitting it, and still wasn't that happy with my smaller moons. But I will work on them again some other time.

Still working on my Sacred Waters Shawl too....... even thinking about making it into a cloak now! lol


Lana said...

Oh, beautiful. It would make a lovely altar cloth. I love it, personally.

brooke said...

Oooh! I so love it! Thank you for sharing :) I want one!

MaryBeth said...

If I can make one, you ladies certainly can! lol