Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I am nowhere near finishing my shawl. During the course of starting it until now, I've finished an argyle sock, a tank top, a scarf, started a top down raglan and a lot of spinning. I just don't think I'm a grand-scale lace knitter at this point in my life. The second socks I ever made were lace, so I'm capable of doing it in small doses. That's what the yarn I dyed is going to end up being anyway, some socks. Just not in time for the end of this KAL. Oh well.

In addition to not finishing the shawl, I haven't finished the book either! Eep. 0 for 2 thus far.

So I've been thinking of putting together a sort of Avalon All Year Long Knit Along (okay, I just LOVE how that sounds when you say it.) for the other people who might be in my predicament, and new people who want to join. Any thoughts?

I am pleased to see beautiful finished objects around here, though! You've all been working very hard.


brooke said...

Girlfriend, I think your idea of a year-round KAL is fabulous! I would definitely stick around for it! Maybe continue the series, or at least the dark ages/medieval theme? Don't be too hard on yourself for not finishing. It's the journey that counts, right? :)I haven't finished yet either, so you're not alone!

Jo said...

I love the idea of continuing this KAL!

I finished the poncho, but haven't gotten a photo of it yet. So, I expect to finish that part of the KAL, but haven't reread the book yet.

I joined a Harry Potter KAL before I got sucked into this. This is something I would have loved a lot more if I hadn't been doing two KALs at once. I started to reread the HP books and can't stop, much as I love MoA.

A Beltane shawl. What a great idea! You do know that Beltane is next week?

If you want to extend the KAL, I'm up for it!