Friday, April 13, 2007

Should I post a picture?

I finished Morgaine's shawl, and I think it looks fit for a fairy queen! Should I post a picture now or wait until I have done the other one or two shawls? I am on the 6th tier (out of 12) of Gwenhyfar's shawl, and as it started from the bottom the repeats get progressively longer. I hate this yarn, I have to wrestle with it and even using plastic circulars it tends to slip off.

Book discussion: yeah, Gwenhyfar was also my least favourite character, I didn't like what I saw as her hypocrisy ..., but in knitting this shawl (field of flowers, shiny pink rayon crochet thread) I started thinking about her ... do you remember she has severe, disabling agoraphobia (fear of open spaces). The book doesn't explain why she has it, but many of her actions and decisions seem to be justifications of her reactions which spring from her phobia ... not rational but phobias aren't. Coz nowadays we would sit her down before a psychoanalyst or counsellor, she would get rid of it, and then she would not make those bad judgement calls ... maybe. What I don't get (ok, knowing this is a novel and fiction and the author can make up anything she wants), is why women as sussed and intelligent as Viviane and Morgaine didn't suspect that Morgause has been tampering with Gwenhyfar's fertility through the use of herbs and potions from her subverted waiting woman. After all, if nothing is wrong with Gwen physically, then it must be through unnatural means. And if I were her, when I got pregnant I would just have kept it secret, stayed in the convent (where she felt safe), delivered the baby and then tell Arthur. That wouldn't be a problem for her reputation coz in a convent she is surrounded by nuns ... no men, so no doubts that the baby is Arthur's. But then it wouldn't be a tragedy ... coz by stupid behaviour ... ok we are back ... caused by irrational behaviour.


MaryBeth said...

Post Pics NOW! lol

And I agree, I thought the same thing, that Morgaine or Vivianne should have had some insight as to the why, but I think they wanted Gwen not to have kids, because that would interfere with her plans, so they left it alone. And I believe Igraine was the only one who had a clue as to Gwen's problem, yet it seemed to *disapprear* when Gwen was with Lance! lol

Lana said...

I also found Morgause a bit annoying with her meddling. She was the most shrewd and vain one in the book. Meh!