Thursday, April 5, 2007

Avalon Vest, Back

I am still knitting and reading The Mists...slowly, but surely. I have managed to complete the back piece of my "Avalon Vest." Sorry, the picture isn't the best. The lighting in my living room is not the greatest, at night. I should have waited until morning when the natural light was better. Oh well. I plan to cast on for the front piece of the vest tomorrow morning, after my daughters are in school. Once I get going on it, it should not take me too long to complete. *crossing fingers*

So, it's been really quiet on here for the past week. How is everyone doing? I am good. I am almost halfway through the book. I am at the part where Morgaine goes back to Avalon after being away for many years. She had her baby and spent time at Arthur's court. I am going to sit down and read several chapters tonight, rather than knit. Yup, that's about it...


brooke said...

Wow! That's coming along nicely! I'm always impressed with garment knitting...I don't get to do much of it, living in Miami :) I tend to stick to the socks, accessories, etc., but am feeling a sweater coming on! *grin*

I'm so glad you posted- I've been swamped with dyeing/sewing, etc., because I'm working in overdrive right now, trying to make a bunch of dinero's for my upcoming trip to, long story short- Thank you for picking up the slack! big hugs!

a blossom knits said...

Very beautiful!!

Em said...

Gorgeous work Lana! You are just sailing through that top. I can't wait to see the final result.
Glad you're still enjoying the book. It's just so rich, it's hard to put down, isn't it? One of the few times I can remember recently where I'd rather read than knit ;-).