Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Morgaine

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In attempting to recreate the photography of the original pattern . . *insert-hysterical-laughter-here* . . . I present to the group my first completed purse for the Knitters of Avalon.

NOTES: Only one Icord used instead of the patterned two. In the future, pattern will be altered by doing only one row of eyelet to accommodate this change. Also, tassle will need to be redone as it is sorely in need of attention due to knitter needing some serious tassle making instruction. Cut her some slack though because this is her first tassle.

KoA Prize

KoA Prize 2
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So I hear a knock, knock, knock on my door and . . . there's a mailman out there telling me the Easter Bunny dropped this off for me . . .

What's inside????

For being chosen as the winner in the essay contest we had about a week ago . . I was honored with the following items:

Chocolate bun bun
Bunny mug with candies
Handmade bar of Mint Julep soap from Cottage Garden Therapies
Set of US2 dpns
One beautiful hank of hand dyed 100% cotton yarn

Once again, I am not worthy. *bow* I am so truly amazed at this . . . I have never won a contest before. This is my first prize . . ever. Thank you, I will not forget this kindness. :)

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Purse progress

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While my project isn't nearly as lovely as Ms. Brooke's . . I thought I'd post my progress so far on #1 - the Morgaine. I'm starting on the decrease rows . . so I think I'll be done in a couple of days. Then I will begin on #2 - the Guinevere. (That's a small stitch marker you see along the cord line.)

Monday, March 26, 2007

Hey, Check Out My Gnomes...

...and my cowl :) What do gnomes have to do with anything, you ask? I have no idea, but they're cool! My cowl is coming along, slowly, but surely. I've been working on it less than I'd like, due to a few other deadlines, but I will, will, will have this completed by the end of April...can you believe it's almost April?

I graciously accepted this styrofoam head from my DB for display purposes, because one can never have enough styrofoam heads...

I'm currently in search of THE perfect ribbon to thread through my eyelets placed close to the tan/ivory border. I "strategically" placed them to hold two ribbons. (The ribbon is my plan on holding up the front of the cowl to produce it's drape and keep it off of the floor!!) *grin* I'm proud of myself for at least thinking of this ahead of time :)


Sunday, March 25, 2007

Book and movie discussions!

I am soooo glad we can talk about them here. I finally got my movie and books back from my friend, immediately watched the movie and also almost immediately remembered that it made me soo flipping angry! So different from the book.

I am now half way through with the book this time. I am at the point where Arthur has forsworn himself, and no longer rules under the Pendragon banner. He sure is a whimp where it concerns his wife! But I think it is because he has no set beliefs himself. Although he did have the one were all men were equal and have the right to worship as their souls tell them too, not as ordered by any man, be he king or not!

lol, I guess this touches too close to home for me.

And, I have been working on my shawl, but guess what??? Hubby was working on my computer, and now I cant upload pictures from my camera!!!!!!! ARGH!!!!! I also knitted a triple moon doily for my bedside table. In black & heather Simply Soft Caron. The heather is really a soft silver color. So the moons are in silver with a black background, and a lace edging.

Blessed Spring everyone!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Morgaine Drawing

I found some of my drawings, from years ago, today. I doodle and paint every now and again, when the mood strikes. I drew Morgaine the first time I tried to read The Mists Of Avalon. It's called Morgaine, the Priestess and it's my interpretation of her, from back in 2000, or so. It's not one of my best drawings, mind you. I just figured I would share, since it pertains to the book and all.

Okay, that's all...

My first FO for the KAL

Yes, I said my first. =)
I have at least 3 other projects that were inspired by the book on my list. Maybe I will get one more done in time for the KAL.
These are the socks I was talking about from an earlier post.
I was needing to buy some Sport weight yarn for another KAL..and when I saw this colorway..I had to have them.
What's the color you ask? Camelot.

I knit these socks in less then two days for a knitting competition I am in...but the colorway was truly inspired by Our KAL. How's that for multi-tasking? We woman are good at that. =)
The leg has a spiral pattern..and while I was knitting it I was thinking about Myst's of Avalon, and about how each of the characters (thus far.. I just started the 2nd part) spiral together , and apart, and together again...
OK, on to my next project. This time something a little bit more "style appropriate. =) )

Friday, March 23, 2007

Progress Has Been Made

I decided to go with a vest for my knitting project, for the group project. It's done in a fisherman color and cable-y textures. I have knitted 9 inches on the back piece so far. I really must get to knittin' on this vest. I've been slacking. Bad me.

The original vest information was written about in one of my blog posts. It also has a photo of the original vest. LOL!

Happy Weekend to everyone!

Just Some Discussion

I just wanted to spark some conversations on the book, today. I hope this is okay? I chose a question from the back of the book, the discussion questions...

How does the book strive to challenge common stereotypes? How does it reinforce them?

Happy Friday!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

And We Have a Winner!

I think everyone deserves a prize who participated in this contest, because all of the answers were great, but alas, there can be only one (spoken in my best Sean Connery accent- anyone get that reference?)...

So, we put everyone's name in a hat...

Let the wee one pull a name (a very scientific method)...

And this is our winner!

Please note, that our home really isn't a shrine to Elvis...I just grabbed a piece of fabric off the top of the pile, to use for background...really, it's true... *grin*

I'll be in touch Leslie! Congratulations!


Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Free Iced Coffee... Dunkin' Donuts today! No, this isn't the prize for the contest :) *grin*

This is for real...If you don't believe me, click here...yee of little faith :)



Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Ostara contest

Ok, I'll add my facts that I found out about Ostara and how it is linked to Christianity.
Ostara is sacred to Eostre, the Saxon Lunar Goddess of fertility-- whose symbols are the egg and the rabbit. Christians then adopted these symbols for Easter.

Contest Anyone?

Tomorrow is the First Day of Spring, also known as the Spring Equinox, which is celebrated by some as Ostara. In Europe, this festival is also known as vernal equinox, Lady Day, Jack in the Green Day, Alban Eiber, Bacchanalia, and Eostre's Day. Tomorrow is a day of balance, when the 12 hours of sunlight are balanced by 12 hours of darkness. In many religions, this is a time of rebirth for many different deities. In our book, many elements of duality and balance can be found. There also seems to be a lot of "tension" between Paganism and Christianity, so I thought this would be a fantastic time for a contest! This contest's main focal point will be on celebrating the similarities, not the differences, between the two religion's concepts of Spring celebration. Instead of it being Ostara vs. Easter. let's look at as how very alike they are to each other!)

Here's a little bit of history and an example of what I'm talking about:

"For the past thousand years at least, the celebration of Easter has come to dominate spring ritual activity in the Western world. Placed originally in this season for historical reasons (although it was linked with the Jewish lunar festival of Passover, itself determined in relation to the Spring Equinox), the Christian feast's theme of renewal and triumph over death was certainly in tune with its position in the yearly cycle, and could be easily wedded to the local pagan customs. As in the case of Christmas, however, the importance of the festival of Easter and its linking to international rather than community religious observance have encouraged the migration of Easter customs- even those with pre-Christian origins- and made it harder to trace their individual provenance. The "Easter bunny" that has become the main focus of the Anglo-American commercial packaging of the feast goes back to a Germanic mythology of Spring: he is Osterhase or "Easter hare," the fertility animal who accompanies the Goddess of Spring and Dawn- and old English name of that goddess (Eostre) has remained as the name of the feast even in its purely Christian form."

(excerpt from The Apple Branch by Alexei Kondratiev)

There's one example: The Easter Bunny.

So, what you need to do is come up with two more examples of the similarities between Ostara/any other pagan Spring rites and Christianity. You don't need to go as in depth as above unless you want to, that was just an example, but feel free to run with this theme! If you're having difficulties finding examples of the similarities, go ahead and give two tid-bits of info on Ostara that you find interesting. Most important, have fun with it! You have until Thursday, the 22nd, in the a.m. to post your answers in the Comments section. There's a nice little prize for the winner!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Hello :)

It's a Cinch!
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Just a short post to say hello and introduce myself. I'm Leslie and am just SO happy to be doing this KAL! I first read Mists of Avalon when I was 19 for an English Lit class and had the absolute most amazing experience. One of these days I'll have to post all about that . . it's quite the story. Anyways, this is more to say hi to everyone and just show a pic of what I'll be working on. Hopefully I can figure out Blogger here and how to post with a pic.

I will be working on a purse . . not any purse though, mind you. It is a special purse. Why so . . do I hear you ask? Well, it's special for many reasons. First, because I've had this pattern for a few years . . way before I ever learned how to knit. It's always been there in the back of my mind . . I never really had a reason to knit it. Secondly, when I signed up for this KAL . . this was the only thing that immediately came to mind. I just knew it was perfect for this book. Thirdly and lastly . . I believe this is a special item because it fits every single woman in this book with the only change being -- the color. I will knit this in light lavender for Guinevere and in a deep blood crimson for Morgaine. If I were to continue . . maybe a dark purple for Viviane. Are you with me on this? Do you see any other colors for the ladies . . maybe even different from mine? I'd love to hear your thoughts. My mind just keeps running with this.

I'm so excited about this and looking forward to all of the wonderful knitted items that accompany the reading . . or re-reading, for some of us . . of this book that literally continues in your head for decades. I know it did for me. I've never broken free of it's spell. When I see mist hovering over water . . I never look away . . hoping for someone to rise . . .

Progress Report

Hello everyone! I thought it was about high time I posted a picture of the project I'm working on for the KAL. I'm attempting...key word "attempting," to design a cowl, using the yarn that Cary at Serenity Farms sent me. I am soooo in love with this yarn! The tan is Shetland wool and the white is a combo of Angora and Corriedale, all of which come right from her farm. This stuff is as soft as a cloud, not that I've touched any clouds lately...ummm...anyway, I think you can see the halo of softness in the photo. Dontcha just wish you could touch it?! :P I hope everyone is having a great time with their projects so far! I can't wait to see more pics!


Saturday, March 17, 2007

St. Patrick's Day Lore- Kidnapped by Pirates!

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone! I just wanted to share a little history behind the day with you. I thought this was pretty interesting! Excerpted from "The Apple Branch" by Alexei Kondratiev:

"There is no arguing that St. Patrick has become the preeminent Irish saint, to the point of eclipsing the achievements of all other Irish saints in history. Yet, this is a fairly recent development. Starting in the late seventh century, the Roman church, eager to reestablish it's hold over Irish Christian communities, began to strongly promote veneration of Patrick, who saw it as one of it's own, a bishop of Roman lineage representing Roman authority. Ironically, the historical Patrick who evangelized Ireland in the 5th century had not been highly thought of by his Roman superiors. A native of Cumbria, kidnapped by pirates and kept as a slave in Ireland, he eventually escaped to the Continent and pursued his ecclesiastical career in Gaul. When the fiery soldier-bishop Germanus of Auxerre was dispatched to Britain to deal with the Pelagian movement there, Patrick accompanied him as part of his entourage. Clearly he was thought to be lukewarm in his opposition to Pelagianism when Christians in Ireland requested that a bishop be sent to them, he was only the Church's second choice, despite his unique Irish experience, and was sent to Ireland only after the departure of his predecessor Palladius. He did not, as modern popular tradition suggests, singlehandedly bring Ireland to Christianity; he found many well-rooted Christian communities already there, and probably did not cover all of Ireland in his missionizing. Once the writers Muirchu and Tirechan had, by conflating the events recounted in Patrick's own "Confessio" with a variety of unrelated saint-legends, established the outline for the saint's official biography, the stage was set for the spectacular growth of his reputation throughout the Middle Ages. Paradoxically, however, despite his having been the chosen vehicle for Roman authority, Patrick developed into an idealized model of native Celtic spirituality- heroic, adventurous, and filled with faith- simply because he had absorbed the stories of so many other saints who had exhibited those traits. And because those saints had absorbed the roles of many local deities, aspects of the older pagan heritage also came to be associated with Patrick's persona- as when, echoing the Lord of the Harvest who subdues the Fomorian Dragon of the Land, he became, in some traditions, a dragon-slayer. This is certainly the origin of the bowdlerized modern story, which has him " driving the snakes out of Ireland" (the version according to which the "snakes" are really druids is, of course, a recent Neo-Pagan development)."

...and there you have it! If anyone wants to add anything or disagrees with any of this, please feel free to comment. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

P.S. Keep your eyes peeled...a contest is a-brewing!

Brooke (posting under Em's user name, because she is just the coolest person ever, and is sharing with me, because Blogger won't let me over!! :)

Thursday, March 15, 2007


My book arrived yesteday and I am now going on a 20 hour busride where all I will be doing is knitting and reading. Finally going to get to properly take part in conversations!! But I just wanted to celebrate with you all about the book...**do a little dance**

I've started the socks with the saxon braid cable in the back and in the berry colourway. thank you all for your helpful comments and if anyone else wants to knit it with me, please feel free. that way we could exchage notes as we go. i will post pictures shortly.

Have a great week and Happy early Paddy's Day.

Parisa xx

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Hi from Sweden


Thought I would drop in and say Hi. My name is Hanna and I managed to join this KAL in the last hours before it closed. I am so happy I found it.
I have the book, but was going to do something smart. Find it on audio so I could knit while I listened, but I have only been able to find it as an abriged version, meaning it is only 3 !!! hours long. That seems like cheating so I am going to start reading the book.
So what am I going to knit? After thoughtful consideration I am going to make the Lady Elaeanor shawl that some of you also has knitted. It is stunning and I got the book yesterday. Now I only need to decide what yarn to use.
I have a blog (set up a couple of days ago).
It is in both Swedish and English.

Have a great day

Hanna in Sweden

Hi from Sweden


Thought I would drop in and say Hi. My name is Hanna and I managed to join this KAL in the last hours before it closed. I am so happy I found it.
I have the book, but was going to do something smart. Find it on audio so I could knit while I listened, but I have only been able to find it as an abriged version, meaning it is only 3 !!! hours long. That seems like cheating so I am going to start reading the book.
So what am I going to knit? After thoughtful consideration I am going to make the Lady Elaeanor shawl that some of you also has knitted. It is stunning and I got the book yesterday. Now I only need to decide what yarn to use.
I have a blog (set up a couple of days ago).
It is in both Swedish and English.

Have a great day

Hanna in Sweden

Monday, March 12, 2007

From Brooke!

I'm posting for your other High Priestess, the fabulous Miz Brooke, who, due to Blogger silliness, will not let her switch to new Blogger. Please stop by and say 'haaallo' to your other Fearless Leader!

Hello everyone! I thought it was about time for an "official" book
discussion, being that we're almost halfway through March! Before I start
though, I would like to say thank you to everyone who has started and
contributed to their own mini discussions- they have been great and your
project ideas are phenomenal!

I have been kicking around a few ideas for discussion, and somewhere
between my recent dreams of unrequited love and wondering where they are
coming from, a curiosity formed in my mind. I think most of us are far
enough along in the book for discussion, possibly finished and if not,
that's OK too, because this may give you something to think about while
reading...In regards to the characters in the novel, is there any
particular one that you relate to most? Is there a character that really
stands out in front of the others? Do you think that there is a little bit
of all of them in each of us? If you break them down, you'll find
certain character traits that are unique to each individual. I am curious as
to what everyone thinks and feels about this. Have you been having
your own personal insights resulting from reading this book? Obviously
there is no right or wrong answer. This book tends to reach everyone in a
different sort of way- it's definitely reaching me through my dreams.

Please leave your comments for all to read.

Thanks ladies!


Sunday, March 11, 2007

Long time no see...

Hi everyone, sorry I haven't posted in ages, though I have been reading all the posts and leaving comments. I have been waiting for my copy of Avalon to arrive from Amazon, and now after a few impatient emails, it should be arriving this week. Just in time for Spring Break!! Very excited. I have also have been thinking what I would like make, which is hard without the book, but I have been drawn to socks, as they are practical, functional and can also be decorative without taking away from their use. I wanted to design something with a Saxon braid cable in it.

THEN, I saw the new issue of knitty and a sock pattern in it called Clessidra that looks amazing and was totally what I was think of doing with the Saxon braid, so I might knit it.

Unfortunately the only sock yarns I have at the mo' are burgandy or a berry colourway. I don't know if that would be appropriate or not. Some feedback would be wonderful.

Happy Knitting and reading everyone :)

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Introduction from a lurker

Hi everyone - this is my first post to this blog, but I have been lurking since Ann told me I should join. MOA is one of my favorite books (and I'm a librarian - that's saying something.) I went through a faze in high school where I read it 6 or 8 times in a row. I would get to the end, and think, hmmm what exactly happened with Igraine at the beginning? And I was off again. It definitely influenced my feminist tendencies.

Still not sure what I will knit. But I just pulled my copy off the shelf and am ready to be inspired!

Thanks for letting me join, Em!

Cast on


I cast on this evening, because I have decided, no doubt too ambitiously, that I am going to try to knit three shawls. This first one is in honour of Viviane/Morgaine, I am using a deep wine colored fingering weight handspun merino/alpaca and the Fiber Trends Estonian Leaf Lace shawl pattern. I only have about 500yds so this should go quickly. The second one is in honour of Helene (from one of the other books) in a cobalt blue tweedy wool. I have not settled on the pattern for that but I am thinking something in simple garter stitch. The last one is for Gwenhyfar, and I plan to use a shiny pink rayon lace. This is a horrible yarn to work with, but the effect is pretty, so yes, rather like Gwen. I will be keeping the first one, the other two are for my sisters-in-law (and yes, we couldn't find any lace weight silk in my LYS, so she chose the pink rayon).

Book discussion: I envy Morgaine's spinning ability. I just soun up the second skein for the Interweave Handspun Swap and I had to concentrate all the time. The result was still thick and thin. But I think Morgaine goes into trances when she's weaving too.

Friday, March 9, 2007

Ready to go

I am getting this project started. I have checked the book out of the library and am ready to reread this book. The last time I read it was when my first daughter was born and I named her Avalon-- 13 years ago!! So I felt I HAD to join this KAL.
Soooo, I am attempting to knit the Elfin Bride sweater that is featured in the Domiknitrix book.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Avalon Vest?

In my search for a suitable replacement, for the knit stockings I was knitting. I found a pattern that I have been wanting to knit for ages. Is it appropriate, though? The vest is from Fall 2005 Vogue Knitting magazine. I have not found a connection with the The Mists book and the vest, other than my want to knit it, while I read the book. I can't say that the vest is inspired by the book. The book inspires me...maybe? They did not wear vests back then, did they? LOL! Give me some time...I will come up with a connection between the book and the vest. I can justify anything. The vest is lovely and has textures and cables. I am planning to knit the vest in the same "fisherman" colored yarn as the stockings would have been.

So, that's the plan. I guess I am glad my needle broke at the beginning of the stockings, not the end. I have enough time to change my mind to another project. I am feeling moody and hormonal this week. So, I can change my mind...

In Search Of Another Project

The Bad News:
I can't make the stockings that I had planned for this knit along. I will have to search for another project. Why? Well, I was knitting along on round 50 of the one stocking and I broke a needle. Yup! It snapped in two. I only have one set of the size needles I need. So, I am searching today, for a replacement project and it's to be continued...

The Good News:
I have been reading The Mists A LOT the past few days. I am on Chapter 13 of Book 1. I just finished the chapter where Lancelet and Morgaine find Gwenhwyfar lost near the Isle, and help her find her way.

I am remembering how I love this book.


So, I've been plugging away at the tunic with my hand-dyed fingering weight, and I've decided on a resounding NO. Not if I want to get it finished in this lifetime, at least. Too tiny, too boring, and I knew I was in trouble when I'd rather knit argyle socks. It's a shame too, because I could see myself swanning around in the lovely finished tunic when I was dyeing the yarn; I just forgot that middle step where I have to knit endless miles of stockinette. I thought for a while it would be sort of soothing and meditative, but it's not. It's just overwhelming and boring, so, a shawl it is! I can still swan around in a lovely bronze-coloured shawl.

Book discussion! I just finished the passage near the beginning of the second part of the book, where Morgaine is spinning and goes into a sort of trance from it, and kind of laughed. For a while, I'd taken to spinning and watching TV, but I had to stop watching things I was terribly interested in, because I found I didn't remember a thing from them. I can knit and watch TV or movies, no problem, but I can't spin and do it! I'm somewhat of a multitasking queen, so I know that's not the issue. Spinning is somewhat hypnotic, I suppose, and I'd never really thought about it that way until I read that particular passage. Knitting isn't always relaxing to me, especially when I have nine bobbins hanging at the back of my work, but spinning? Perfect. Although, I haven't fallen into any traces yet, but I'm sure it's possible in the future!

Now, off to find a shawl pattern!

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Ah, I had forgotten

How great this book really is! I'm up to Chapter Nine and I'm totally loving it! I loved the DVD, but I'm definitely more book oriented. So, after we finish "Mists", will we be reading the next books? The whole series was good.

Raw Materials

Here is a picture of the yarn (Berroco Memoirs, a 2-ply mostly wool/mohair) and the amber crystal beads I intend to use on my beaded shawl. (Online pattern, Although the pattern will be more of a starting point than a map, I think.

The colors remind me of early autumn: greens mixed with browns and a strong dark pink/orange running through it. I took the picture by my pond waterfall, and I can "see" nature in the yarn when the sun hits it on that stone. The amber beads are small, light, and of various hues and lusters and hopefully won't weigh the final product down too much.

Friday, March 2, 2007

Real Honest-to-Goodness Cut-Off Date...

...will be Monday, March 5th. It gives anyone who might be interested (lurking out in the world wide shadows) time to sign-up over the weekend.
I'm loving seeing all the started projects! I think I'm going to do this Baltic Sea Shawl in JaggerSpun lace-weight yarn. The only question- Violet or Peacock (a deep green)? I'm limited to these two colors because they are what my LYS carries and I get a discount (oh hooray!). Initially I thought green more woodsy, more Avalonian, but a lace-weight shawl seems such a springy-summery thing, which I associate with a softer color like, say, violet...
If this is my biggest decision to make today I'm not doing too badly, huh? ;-)
Lovely weekend to you all!

Progress pic

I just wanted too post a quick pic of my shawl progress so far, it's a little biggr than this pic, I plan on working on a little more this week-end :)

Thursday, March 1, 2007


Hello Everyone,

I guess it is about time I said Hello! I am still a novice knitter, but I love it! And this KAL has inspired me to create a shawl that is also inspired by the *prayer shawl* ministry.

My shawl is being made from Lion Brand's Homespun colonial, I may add some silver or other colors in the fringe when I am nearly done, as well as shells and beads. I am knitting it in threes. I do the three ks, 3 ps, for 27 stitches, then turn and make sure that I do three rows of repeats.

The shawl is looking great, I will have to take a picture of it in progress to post. It looks like slightly rippled water with moonlight on it. I am calling it my *Sacred Waters Shawl*.

Stay warm!

Ready To Begin

I finally had the chance to purchase the yarn I needed for my knitting project, for the KAL. Now, I just have to begin. I did begin the book, last night. I read through the first chapter of Book 1 before I went to sleep. I am planning some more reading today when I can squeeze it in.

I am not beginning the knitting part just yet. I am trying to finish a sweater that I have been working on for a month, first. Almost done. What am I knitting out of the "fisherman" Wool Ease? Some warm stockings, based on the Very Tall Socks from the Winter 04 issue of I am making the stockings all in one color with possible embroidery on them, at the end. This is the plan. I hope to begin the stockings sometime this coming weekend. I am just pleased to have the yarn, the book and the do this.

Sign-Ups Update

Because of the (surprisingly!) good response we've had to this KAL, we'll be extending the sign-up date (date to be announced once Brooke and I have worked it out ;-). If you're interested in participating there's still time!