Saturday, March 10, 2007

Introduction from a lurker

Hi everyone - this is my first post to this blog, but I have been lurking since Ann told me I should join. MOA is one of my favorite books (and I'm a librarian - that's saying something.) I went through a faze in high school where I read it 6 or 8 times in a row. I would get to the end, and think, hmmm what exactly happened with Igraine at the beginning? And I was off again. It definitely influenced my feminist tendencies.

Still not sure what I will knit. But I just pulled my copy off the shelf and am ready to be inspired!

Thanks for letting me join, Em!


Brooke said...

Hello! Welcome to the group! Glad you came out of the shadows :)

Lana said...

Welcome to the group. A librarian, huh? That is like my dream job. I am one of those odd people who love the smell, the feel of books. I am constantly reading too.

I am sure the knit project will come to you. It took me about two weeks to get going on my project...after a few mishaps.

Ann said...

Welcome Jennifer!