Saturday, March 10, 2007

Cast on


I cast on this evening, because I have decided, no doubt too ambitiously, that I am going to try to knit three shawls. This first one is in honour of Viviane/Morgaine, I am using a deep wine colored fingering weight handspun merino/alpaca and the Fiber Trends Estonian Leaf Lace shawl pattern. I only have about 500yds so this should go quickly. The second one is in honour of Helene (from one of the other books) in a cobalt blue tweedy wool. I have not settled on the pattern for that but I am thinking something in simple garter stitch. The last one is for Gwenhyfar, and I plan to use a shiny pink rayon lace. This is a horrible yarn to work with, but the effect is pretty, so yes, rather like Gwen. I will be keeping the first one, the other two are for my sisters-in-law (and yes, we couldn't find any lace weight silk in my LYS, so she chose the pink rayon).

Book discussion: I envy Morgaine's spinning ability. I just soun up the second skein for the Interweave Handspun Swap and I had to concentrate all the time. The result was still thick and thin. But I think Morgaine goes into trances when she's weaving too.


Brooke said...

Wow! Three shawls- super ambitious and good for you! I like your comparison between Guinevere and the pink rayon yarn- that is too funny! :)

Re: spinning: are you spinning on a wheel or a drop spindle? I spin with a spindle and have total envy of anyone with a wheel :P I find myself going into trances when I spin...well...OK, I zone out. Not sure if one could technically call it a trance, but it's a cool place to be!

ctlynn said...

Allegorical yarn for Gwen. I love it! What a funny description!

The best thing about the "spinner's trance" is when you come out of it refreshed, relaxed, and with several yards of lovely home-made yarn! Wow, you think, where did that come from?

I am about to buy my first wheel, but the drop spindle really does connect you with your yarn, doesn't it?

I did a spinning demonstration this weekend, and everyone who tried it liked it, but it surely gave us reason to appreciate store-bought clothes. Can you imagine having to hand-spin everything? No wonder those priestesses only had a couple robes...