Sunday, March 18, 2007

Progress Report

Hello everyone! I thought it was about high time I posted a picture of the project I'm working on for the KAL. I'm attempting...key word "attempting," to design a cowl, using the yarn that Cary at Serenity Farms sent me. I am soooo in love with this yarn! The tan is Shetland wool and the white is a combo of Angora and Corriedale, all of which come right from her farm. This stuff is as soft as a cloud, not that I've touched any clouds lately...ummm...anyway, I think you can see the halo of softness in the photo. Dontcha just wish you could touch it?! :P I hope everyone is having a great time with their projects so far! I can't wait to see more pics!



Lana said...

Oh, it does look very soft. The colors are pretty too. Very earthy.

I should take a quick photo of my vest progress. Which is not too much. LOL!

Leslie said...

Two words -- OH WOW. This is just beautiful!! I can't even begin to imagine designing something myself, let alone something this pretty. I hope you will make this pattern available . . maybe for a nominal fee . . after you've perfected it. I know I am already interested and can't wait to see the finished cowl. So very nice, and you are a great knitter.

Jo said...

That's neat!

One of the things I love about knitting in groups is that you get to see what other people are knitting. Their color and design choices are a constant source of amazement and delight. They keep pointing out, by example, the holes in my thinking.

Hi! I'm Jo, and I'm new to the KAL. My phone (which is usually what I have to blog with) and blogger do not get along well. As a result, I can comment, but not post, so this is where you'll find me--lurking in the comments.

I was well into the Harry Potter KAL that Em is also hosting, and I am in the middle of a Weasley sweater for that, so, in the meantime, I'm starting to re-read MoA (one of my favorite books) and look for a project and yarn to make it.

The only thing that leapt to mind immediately is the ruana that Morgaine wore at the beginning of the movie (which I have not seen in more than 4 years and don't have a copy of).

Morgaine's was sort of a cornflower blue or lavender if I remember right, but I did notice several other characters wearing one in other colors scattered throughout the movie.

Decisions, decisions!

More soon when I've researched yarn availability.

Cary said...

Oh, Brooke, I LOVE your idea for the yarn and KAL! If I remember right, the white wool came from ewes Charlotte, Amanda and Abby and bunny was Spencer. I think the Shetland is from a lamb named Chester.

I can't wait to see how this turns out, and thank you for sharing with me ;)

Hugs from Serenity Farms