Tuesday, March 6, 2007

In Search Of Another Project

The Bad News:
I can't make the stockings that I had planned for this knit along. I will have to search for another project. Why? Well, I was knitting along on round 50 of the one stocking and I broke a needle. Yup! It snapped in two. I only have one set of the size needles I need. So, I am searching today, for a replacement project and it's to be continued...

The Good News:
I have been reading The Mists A LOT the past few days. I am on Chapter 13 of Book 1. I just finished the chapter where Lancelet and Morgaine find Gwenhwyfar lost near the Isle, and help her find her way.

I am remembering how I love this book.


Em said...

Wasn't that a great and sad chapter at the same time? The push-pull in Morgaine, as she recognizes herself as a priestess who MUST follow the Goddess' orders, versus the young woman who's falling in love- very interesting, I think.
And that scene with Gwenhwyfar- oh! If you've ever been the not cool kid in school...
Too bad about the stockings :-(.

Lana said...

Oh yes, I enjoyed that chapter. It was tough seeing Morgaine struggle with her feelings over her dedication to the Goddess and her love for Lancelet. I could feel her jealousy towards Gwen too. It's well-written.

I think I have found a suitable replacement for the stockings. There is a textured vest that I have been wanting to knit for a while now. I am considering the vest out of the fisherman yarn I purchased for the stockings. I had thought about knitting a shawl. Honestly, I would rarely wear a shawl. A vest would get more use out of me.

J. Layne said...

Hm, Elizabeth Zimmerman says socks can be knit with vaguely different sized needles, and you get mostly the same results. Of course, it depends on how tight or loose a knitter you are, but one needle one size up or down won't make too much of a difference. Just a suggestion in case you wanted to keep going on them; EZ herself actually knit a sock with four different sized needles, and they ended up alright.

The vest you've picked out is lovely though!