Thursday, February 1, 2007


There will be three contests in play throughout the KAL.

1) First, and most obvious, a completed project, finished and submitted by April 27th, can be entered to win. While you may craft anything that strikes your fancy- shawls, scarves, sheath for the sword, etc.- we ask it be either a knit or crochet item. It should be something related to the book, and, much like being back in tenth-grade English, an explanation as to why you knit the item and how you feel it relates would be grand ;-).

2. Second, though in no way less than the first contest, is for the most thorough participant in book discussions. Not only is this blog about crafting, but reading too and we'd love to keep a discussion of the book, the characters, plots, and overall themes going. The winner of this contest will be a frequent participant in posting and commenting and will also bring interesting ideas, questions, and feelings on the subject to the KAL.

Before this sounds too much like we've all gone back to school, let me add- there are Prizes! These will be surprises, rewarded May 1st. Before, you wonder if these prizes will be worth it, I'll point out, Brooke has her own shop on etsy and I work at a yarn store. So, I'm just sayin', the prizes- no one should go home diasppointed.

And there is a third contest- that was not a typo! It's our *Test of Mystery.* This is too see how closely people are reading and putting the blog and book together. More than one person can win- technically everyone on the blog could win this one and it will have a nice little treat attached.

Who doesn't love a reward at the end of a KAL, hmm?

Good reading and good crafting!

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knitwhit said...

Oh, it sounds like so much fun! And the potential for goodies! I love goodies!