Tuesday, February 13, 2007



I am Chrissie and I am happy to be joining this knitalong. I read the trilogy years ago. MOA is heavy on weaving, spinnng and dyeing, but not as much as the book which chronicles Vivian's life as a young priestess. Nobody seems to knit in MOA, but all the women spin and weave. Too bad I don't weave. Shawls are a very common item, so I am thinking of knitting a handspun shawl. Anybody have any idea whether they would be rectangular or triangular? Right now, I am very tempted by the Leaf Lace shawl (or any other shawl with a leafy pattern), in a sort of reddish fingering weight handspun, for the color of the autumn leaves that the fairy folk wear, and also because the characters who resembled the "dark and little" fairy folk often wear red to bring out their coloring, and I am dark and little. Hah! otherwise it would be blue.

I don't think Avalon's really like Tinkerbell, actually ... because, while access to it is only possible with belief, existence is not, in that in MOA Avalon exists whether you believe or not, but you can only get to it if you believe. Does that make sense? Perhaps too carping? You see, one would be only everyone's inner possiblilities, the other one, that there is some external force ... so Avalon would be more like the Christian heaven than it seems.

Can we start knitting?


J. Layne said...

No one knits in MoA because no one knit, period, in the 5th century. :)

Ann said...

I see what you are saying about access and existence in the belief idea. That makes sense. I didn't think it through far enough!

I'm pretty sure you can go ahead and start knitting.

Thanks for thinking about my comment!