Thursday, February 8, 2007

An Introduction.

Hi all, I'm Linda and I just recently joined the knitalong. This is my first time reading "Mists" so I'll probably have a lot of questions along the way. I've read through several chapters so far, and I'm already thinking of things I'd like to knit. A shawl would be nice - maybe in red? I'm also thinking of knitting something for my 7-month-old son, who is my own "Arthur".

I look forward to some exciting discussions!


LĂșthien Elendil said...

Mmm, good idea! I love red. The next MoA KAL project I'm about to cast on is this:
And I'm making it in red. :)

Em said...

That sounds like a gorgeous project. And I'm sure red will be fabulous!
Welcome to the KAL!