Monday, February 26, 2007

Hi one and all!

I'm so excited, the Mists of Avalon series has been one of my faves for quite awhile. So naturally, combining this book with knitting was almost a custom made order for me. I'm off to purchase yet another copy of it so that I can re-read it with everyone. My copy was "disposed" of when we moved (my books put us overweight with the movers!). Luckily for me, Powell's (bookstore) is just down the road from me and they have a copy put aside. I already have my project picked out and just need to pick up a couple of skiens extra of yarn to work on it.


Em said...

How lovely it's worked out so perfectly for you! Can't wait to see your project.
Welcome to the blog!

Lana said...

Hey Elle, glad you could make it. HUGS!