Friday, February 9, 2007

Question to the KAL

I'm calling all Priestesses to ask: how should we handle the reading/spoiler issue that comes along with reading any book? I've put my book aside to let others catch up, but a) it's really hard not to read it and b) I don't want to forget what I've read!

I ask: How should we handle this?

Maybe, prior to posting a point, label it "Spoiler from Book 2, Chapter Six" or something? Would that keep from ruining a surprise, but still keep discussion interesting for those farther along in the book?

Any suggestions? Thoughts? Freaking out about Lancelot and his, er, confusion? (If you're not through at least Book Two, don't ask- though I think MZB's take on Lancelot explains a lot)

I love seeing people introducing themselves! It gives the blog a nice, homey feel I think!

And if anyone's interested in a second Read-a-Long KAL, Ann and I are hosting a Harry Potter and the Seventh Book KAL. All HP fans welcome- even Slytherins!

If anyone else has a KAL they'd like to promote feel free (it's not only for hostesses blatantly abusing their power ;-).


LĂșthien Elendil said...

Well, for me, it won't be spoiled.

Books and movies aren't spoiled for me by knowing what's coming or how they end, I enjoy them in my own way.

I am well aware that I will be taking the longest to read this novel because of how I've decided to go about it, and I would not want anyone to refrain from discussing it.

If anything, it makes me more eager to get to that point, rather than spoiling it for me.

I know that isn't a very helpful suggestion with your issue, but I felt the need to post my input, since I will be the tortoise here. ;)

Linda said...

I also don't mind spoilers - I have an...interesting...way of reading books. After the first few chapters, I always skip ahead and skim the last couple chapters. I call it "setting a goal for the story"... :)

LĂșthien Elendil said...

*giggle* That's too funny Linda! :)

Melanie said...

I have been checking out this KAL and have been toying with the idea of joining..I bought Mists of Avalon about 3 days before I spotted the KAL. I know that there are other books to the series, and that "mists" is considered the last of the series.
Since I have not read any of the books yet, is it ok to start with Myths? Or should I start with one of the other books?