Monday, February 19, 2007


Hi, Everyone. My name is Ami and I'm so excited to be here. I haven't read the Mists for many years. I was still in highschool, the last time I tried and I never read the second half. I wasn't ready, I think. Since then, I have discovered my own spirituality as well as borne several children so I have a much different view of life.

In January, I started thinking about it a lot and actually felt rather obsessed with it. I tried to check the book out from the library but it wasn't in, and when I checked all of the numerous bookstores around town, not one had a copy. Bleh. I also sent my poor husband to the video store to rent it but all copies were out. I had just ordered it offline when I stumbled onto this. I just sat there, for several moments, thinking about coincidence and how nothing is really a coincidence. I have always felt that things happen for a purpose, and exactly when they are meant to. Every time I get obsessed with something, in my search for it I have almost always learned something. I don't always know what though. I can't always figure it out. For instance, I was obsessed with Faeries, the 1981 cartoon based on Brian Froud's book of the same name. It took me forever to fin a copy of it and I'm still not sure why I was so obsessed with it.

I do have several projects going on, and I don't know how fast I will be able to read the book. It's ok for spoilers though. I would enjoy reading your perceptions of that sections and then thinking about that when I read it myself. I don't know what project(s) yet that I will do for this book. This subject is very personal for me so I have to wait until I find something that speaks to me. I love a good shawl, so I may do one. But I also have a vague glimmering of an idea so I might do it instead.

There is also a wonderful baby blanket pattern that I think would be perfect for this, Brigit's Round Baby Afghan in The Knitting Goddess by Deborah Berman. And my brother is expecting his first little one so this may be a good incentive for me. I think it would be appropriate for this book because of Mordred. The one thing that I remember from reading the book so long ago before putting it aside was the terrible sadness I had for this poor little one that didn't have a mother and was being twisted as a pawn. I just wanted to wrap him up in a snuggly fluggy blanket and hold him close as I have since done with all of my own little ones.

I do have a blog, it's called Carey's Cats. LOL. You'll have to visit it to find out why. It started as a way for far flung family members to keep up with what's going on in our family, but since knitting is one of my passions, of course you'll find a lot of it on there. :D

I'm so happy to be here and look forward to seeing what projects everyone is doing, and what everyone's different impressions of the book is. Blessings everyone and have a wonderful day.


Brooke said...

Hi Ami! Welcome! We're so happy you joined!

ctlynn said...

The Knitting Goddess is the very first book I bought on knitting. I'm a lefty, and I when I saw the lecft-handed illustrations, I was sold. (No, you can't just say "do what I do backwards" to a lefty...)

Knitting Goddess is a great book for reading more than the projects, I think. I have an English degree, and I love the connection to history/myth and present-day womanhood that Bergman creates. You see that in Mists of Avalon, too, I think.

That very blanket was what I was considering as a shawl.

Good luck to you, what ever project you choose, and welcome!