Wednesday, February 21, 2007


I finished the book tonight. I had to, I was sixty pages from the end and I was not putting it down.

There's so much in it, I need to let my thoughts simmer for a bit, but I will say, to me, reading Mists was like eating an incredibly rich dinner. I kept saying to myself "Just one more page, just to the end of this section, just to the end of this chapter..." all the while getting overly full on the text.

Sometimes, if I'm reading a well crafted book I'll find myself taking on the feeling of the characters (trust me, I know it's weird ;-), and throughout Mists I felt moody. Not Hormones Gone Wild, but a sense of foreboding and concern and the overall dread of, however the story went, it wouldn't end well.

And now I know *sigh*, and I'm not sure what I think yet. I do think MZB gives a highly credible twist to the Lancelet-Gwenhwyfar- Arthur relationship that explains, at least, Lancelot's dilemma, and in some ways makes Arthur a little more culpable (or more of a participant) in the Gwen-Lance relationship. Even that I might have to mull over...

I'm thinking, now I'm through the book, of doing a (wait for it) shawl. I've got nearly seven hundred yards of lovely deep green JaggerSpun Zephyr Lace at my disposable and if anyone has a good lace pattern for a first-time lace knitter I would be forever in your debt (or something equally Avalonian). I'd like to find something that embraces the spirit of Morgaine or- dare I try it?- Viviane, who is, little Fairy hands down, my favorite character (I still can't talk about that banquet scene with Viviane and Balin- I just... I'm going to need some time).

I'd like to add, when Brooke and I first started this KAL, we figured we'd have exactly three members. I can't say how thrilling it's been to see so many women interested in participating and we are so pleased and appreciative of all the posting and pictures and dialogue that's taken place at this early state! I can see- without the Sight y'all- this KAL is going to be far more interesting and worthwhile than we ever expected. Thank you for that!


Knatty Knitter said...

Well that is just incredible...congratulations on finishing it so early. I haven't even received my copy of it yet :) I am so excited to learn more of the things you have been hinting at in your post. The shawl idea sounds lovely.

And thank you again for hosting the KAL with Brooke...such fun!

knitwhit said...

I, too, have finished the book, and am waiting for more people to finish to discuss.

J. Layne said...

Shawls seem to be the way to go! I was looking at these patterns last night, for beginners shawls, and they're written out really clearly, very suitable for your first lace project! It's the Three Shawl Project from Magknits. The Frozen Lake is my favourite, but it might be a touch ironic to make it in green! I'll keep an eye out for some other ones, too.

And I can't wait to finish the book, I have to get motoring.

ctlynn said...

I understand your sense of forboding while reading...there's an urgency to Morgaine's language from the first chapter...and the conclusion one draws based on MZB's re-visioning leads us to feel more keenly the inevitable loss, like Milton and his Eden. We come to value/admire Avalon and then (this is no spoiler, people) we lose it through the cycle of the myth and the loss becomes personal.

I've forgotten large chunks of the story from the 16 years lapse since I last read it. But like onlookers to a car wreck, I can't avert my eyes-yes, I even joined a KAL celebrating the book - because the tale is timeless.