Thursday, February 22, 2007

UPDATE ~ I have resized it so you won't have to if you wish to use it.

Hey, Everyone. Just wanted to drop in and say a quick hi. I also wanted to see where everyone was at. My book came in today, and I actually had time to read a chapter. Yay. I had also decided on a shawl but I don't have enough yarn and my husband won't let me buy any more. (pout) He says a chest full of assorted balls and skeins is more than enough for any sane person. Bleh... most of it's acrylic anyway and that's just not going to work for this. I was given most of the yarn and I've been using it to make things for the kids, such as play food. They're starting to get quite a little pantry stocked up. Or, at least they will if I can actually get it all knitted. The kids already sat down and helped me choose the colors. LOL Orange bread. Leave it to a two year old.

Anyway, I had nothing to do while feeding my youngest daughter. She has gotten old enough now that she no longer ignores pretty yarn so I had to stop knitting while she suckles. And there's not much else one can do except vegg out in front of the tv or computer. So, I had a hand free, and I made this:

I do hope no one minds. I made it for my personal blog, but then I thought it might be nice to share.


Em said...

Thank you- that's a great button! I would love to add it to the sidebar- as soon as I figure out how to add buttons... Seriously, I will get it put up and thanks again for taking the time to do it. What a great spirit you've got!

Knatty Knitter said...

what a great button! I don't know how you guys do it :) don't worry bout the reading...I haven't even received the copy of the book I ordered so you're definitely not bringing up the rear, lol!

Barb said...

thanks for the button :)

ctlynn said...

Hey, a friend at SNB Grapevine suggested donating all acrylic to a prison... your LYS may be able to recommend one or make a collection?

Meanwhile, maybe try telling your SO that he should be lucky you're not pressuring him to get you some real. live goats, sheep, rabbits, or alpacas and that a little bit of wool is nuthin' compared to vet bills on a single sheep...well, at least you can try!

I'm through Mistress of Magic which I read, and books 2,3, and 4 are on their way on CD through my local library. That way I can knit and "read" at the same time. Bliss!