Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Chel says hello

Em, I registered at blogspot and here's the address:

Hi, everyone. I'm so excited that I tripped over this event. Coincidence/fate can be a marvelous thing. I am a complete newbie to blogs and KALs, tho I have knitted and read for some years now. ;)

I am planning on cracking my old copy of Mists of Avalon out this evening. I see from the last time that I even highlighted passages, so I know there's some good stuff in there. I look forward to rediscovering it.

As for the knitting angle, I can't get the TV miniseries out of my head and am trying to remain unencumbered by those costume images. But a nice shawl may be in order? I agree with the previous posts that Mists of Avalon almost requires a natural fiber, preferrably hand-spun.

Look forward to 'meeting' you all.

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Em said...

I'll update it tonight. Thanks!