Monday, February 26, 2007


I'm asking for help. A terrible state for an Avalon High Priestess but I cannot figure out how to add buttons/widgets to the sidebar that people can take. We have three beautiful buttons already if only your Fearless Leader could work it out! If anyone out there has the patience to either leave a description in comments or email me at it would be highly appreciated.
Welcome to the blog! If you don't see your name on the sidebar and think it should be, again, send me an email. Thanks!


Lana said...

Well, I am an experienced blogger user and group blogger mistress. (I run Punk Rock Knitters) What I do is upload the photos to a place like (which I have an account) You then grab the codes for all of them.

Go into the Avalon blog and click on "template." It should bring up a template of your page, sort of blank. On the sidebar you should see an "add page element" link. Click on it. You will have choices to add several different kind. Click on the one to add JAVA/HTML. A pop up window will appear with a blank text box and you just add the image codes into there.

Voila. I hope this helps.

Lana said...

Hey Em, here is how to change the links in the image codes...

It's not too difficult.

Open up the page module that holds the image codes, click on "edit" and...
In the code where it has the "a href= www DOT photobucket DOT com" you just change that to the link you wish, for the KAL. Then save it, of course. That's it.