Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Decision made

I have decided to knit a tunic sweater for this KAL - it has a deep split neck with seed stitch border. I am using a hand spun hand dyed yarn my daughter in law gave me two christmases ago. I thought this appropriate since any fabric of the period would have been hand made. The color is burgundy and i also have two varegated balls that match. I plan to use these for the border to represent the embroidery often used to liven up clothes in this period.

getting ready to begin has been fun but beginning is even better!


Barb said...

sounds great, can't wait too see progress pics :)

Linda said...

Sounds beautiful! That's a good idea to use your handspun - I also can't wait to see your progress!

Ann said...

The tunic sounds great for hte book!
I look forward to seeing it.