Saturday, March 24, 2007

My first FO for the KAL

Yes, I said my first. =)
I have at least 3 other projects that were inspired by the book on my list. Maybe I will get one more done in time for the KAL.
These are the socks I was talking about from an earlier post.
I was needing to buy some Sport weight yarn for another KAL..and when I saw this colorway..I had to have them.
What's the color you ask? Camelot.

I knit these socks in less then two days for a knitting competition I am in...but the colorway was truly inspired by Our KAL. How's that for multi-tasking? We woman are good at that. =)
The leg has a spiral pattern..and while I was knitting it I was thinking about Myst's of Avalon, and about how each of the characters (thus far.. I just started the 2nd part) spiral together , and apart, and together again...
OK, on to my next project. This time something a little bit more "style appropriate. =) )


brooke said...

Less than two days? Wow! I feel like I knit at turtle speed now *grin* Love the way they turned out! Was this yarn from Lorna's Laces. I can't remember. Is that a cocktail shaker between your feet? Or maybe a flux capacitor? haha!

Lana said...

Very nice socks. :-)

Melanie said...

Hi brooke,
yes the yarn is Lorna's Laces..and yes that is a cocktail shaker between my feet. =)
The pattern for the socks is called "madtini"..but I like your idea of a flux capacitor.
And yes..after this marathon knit..I am sore!