Sunday, March 4, 2007

Raw Materials

Here is a picture of the yarn (Berroco Memoirs, a 2-ply mostly wool/mohair) and the amber crystal beads I intend to use on my beaded shawl. (Online pattern, Although the pattern will be more of a starting point than a map, I think.

The colors remind me of early autumn: greens mixed with browns and a strong dark pink/orange running through it. I took the picture by my pond waterfall, and I can "see" nature in the yarn when the sun hits it on that stone. The amber beads are small, light, and of various hues and lusters and hopefully won't weigh the final product down too much.


Lana said...

Lovely yarn and beautiful photograph. LOL!

Ami Scott said...

Beautiful photo.

Brooke said...

Wow! That is going to be gorgeous! How many beads are you using for it? The photo is very inspiring as well :)

ctlynn said...

thanks for your kind comments, everyone! I have a small sack of beads(number about 200?) are turning out to be just a mite too small to work with over the bushy mohair. I've got a few more cape/shawl patterns in my stash, so I am back to square one at this point....lots of time to continue tho.