Monday, April 23, 2007

I finished! And with time to spare!

Hello again everyone.

If you recall last week I showed you an in progress picture of the front of this tunic.

Well, it is an addicting and fast knit..and once I got started I could not stop!

So here it is, my completed tunic for our KAL:

I think I like it. =) I am a hard one to please.

And hey, you can't beat the photography!(LOL, I threw the rolls out after I noticed them in the pics!)

I could totally see a priestess wearing something like this (of course, she would not have jeans on). I think the color is perfect for Gwen (she always loved the blue)..and Morgaine as well.

You can find out all the details, and see more pictures on my blog.

I Guess now I better send off that e-mail for the contest(s)! =)

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