Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Finished The Book

I JUST finished reading the last page of the book. I will say that the book is 10 times better than the movie. I sort of stalled out in reading the book in the middle. It was sort of slow and boring. Monday evening I picked the book up again, intending to read a chapter or two. Instead, I could not put the book down. I read 400 plus pages in two days.

I won't say too much about the story, in case there are a few still reading it. I will say that I disliked Gwenhwyfar for most of the novel. Her pious attitude and snivelling over the sins of man, repent and all that hooplah, then to commit a grave sin herself in loving another, as well as her husband and King...blegh! It was so hypocritical. The character I loved and most identified with was Morgaine. I did not like some of the choices she made, but over all she was strong and did what she felt she must. Plus, she was ultimately the last one standing, which was sort of sad. I was all misty eyed when Morgaine visited Viviane's grave side...

And yes, I do believe there is a Goddess within us and all around us. So, Avalon is still there...just hidden. And that is all...I am now off to knit on my "Avalon" vest.


Jo said...

Marian wrote it so that you would love Morgaine, faults, mistakes, and all. That was her intention.

And it really is a great book.

There is another reason the book is better. Marian knew what she was writing about, and did a good job. The people who did the movie didn't bother to do their homework, and it's so full of non-medieval things that it's seriously distracting to watch.

Marian wrote about spinning with a drop spindle. The movie showed spinning on a kind of wheel that wasn't invented until four or five hundred years in it's future. And the particular wheel they showed is a modern wheel, not even something like the first flyer and bobbin wheels.

In some ways, the movie is great, too, but at it's best, it's a pale shadow of the book.

Jo said...

Oh, I nearly forgot.

I finished the poncho and gave it to my daughter. But I'm making another one for myself, and I'll take a photo of that for the KAL.

In fact, I may decide to make a third one for my granddaughter.