Friday, April 6, 2007

More Lively Discussion

As we're approaching Easter, I thought I'd put out another question slightly related to that time period (spoiler note: if you've not reached Chapter Three of The King Stag, you might not want to keep reading).

Arthur's Court is preparing to celebrate Pentecost, Morgaine is at his court, and Viviane returns to demand Arthur's open allegiance to Camelot. Within only a few pages, Viviane is struck down by Balin.

My questions are: How do you feel about her death? How do you feel about the manner of her death at the hands of this particular character? What do you think of Arthur's handling the situation? Who, if either, is right, Kevin or Morgaine in what should be done with Viviane's body? I'm curious if your answers to these questions will vary, depending on if you've finished the book or not.

I'll end with a shot of my project (finally cast-on!) for this KAL.

I'm about eight rows into what appears to be a much longer project than I anticipated :-). Luckily, I'm a process knitter. Or so I've already started reminding myself...


knitwhit said...

Balin's hatred of Viviane never seemed plausible to me, especially given his father's attitude, and the fact that she was, obviously, dying.

I understand why Kevin wanted her buried where he did. I understand Morgaine's attitude, as well. But it seems as if both Viviane & Morgaine had their heads in the sand about the future. If they had been more realistic, there were steps they could have taken to prevent the total ascension of Christianity.

Em, that yarn and lace both look beautiful; I can't wait to see your "process".

Lana said...

I read this part of the book years ago and don't remember the exact details. I have not reached this point yet, in my reading now. I will reserve opinions until after I have re-read it. LOL!

Otherwise, I would have been all over this question. LOL!

brooke said...

haha! I'm with Lana! I read this book years ago and haven't reached that point yet, but when I do, look out!! *grin*

Lovely lacey cast-on my dear ;P

MaryBeth said...

I thought it sucked big time. In a room full of *champions* not one man could stop him?

And then, his hatred is both irrational and understandable if you have ever been a member of such a christian cult. As he kept stating, any help that Viviane gave his mother was a *gift from god*, but anything she did that he didnt agree with was immediately *of hell and the devil*.

I dont think Vivianne should have been buried on Glastonbury. Then if she was, it should have been written in large letters on her tomb that she was once *The Lady of the Lake, and Priestess of Avalon* and to be honored greatly for her service to the Goddess.

IF, the male Druids hadnt totally sold out, but instead backed the women both when in Avalon, and in Camelot (because, if you remember, they would say one thing in Avalon, and do and say the opposite when in Camelot!), then things would have gone differently.

Linda said...

I was shocked that Viviane died the way that she did. I think Arhur's response was totally inapproprate - he should have punished Balin more severely. At least then Balan might still be alive. Everyone did what they thought was best though - except for Morgaine. She wanted Viviane's body in Avalon, but she couldn't (or wouldn't) stand up to Arthur and Kevin. I think Kevin saw that Avalon was drifting farther away, and knew that if Viviane were buried there that she would also disappear forever.

The lace looks beautiful, btw! I need to start casting on myself...