Saturday, April 28, 2007

finished bar the edging:)

I'm almost done with my Beltaine shawl, here are some pictures for you:) I am part way through the saw tooth edging and hope to finish this evening. Didn't want to not post progress though. Yarn is my most favourite in the world. Mountain colors mohair in Indian paintbrush. I've used 3 skeins total. I love the yarn its so soft, warm and glorious colours


Brooke said...

You do love your Mountain colors :) I'm thinking you should just move to Montana, rather than England, so you'll be closer to the source! *grin* Your shawl looks lovely.

ambermoggie said...

now that would be great:) However I'm thinking near the beach in England will be good also. Wonder if I can get mountain colors to move there??