Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I decided on a Beltaine shawl:)

I'm half way through a Beltaine shawl in mountain colours mohair firey reds of course:) I decided that this festival of the year was an ideal time to make Morgaine a shawl. Fire for energy, passion and emotions and of course for all the blood of this book. A festival of the old times that were fading away into little pockets of remembrance apart from pagans. Beltaine has always been one of my favourite times on the wheel of they ear. We got handfasted at a sacred spot in cumbria a few years ago at this time. And if I were to put the book at one particular spot on the wheel of the year then for me it has always been a beltaine book:)
Photos this week soon as Mr Mog finds the camera, it is buried under a large pile of destash stuff. We are moving back to England in a few weeks due to health stuff of mine so I'm trying to destash a 3 bedroom, 3 living room house down to a 2 bedroom 1 living room bungalow. Not easy hence the yarn and book destash. I finalyl admitted to myself I'd never knit socks in the foreseeable future so why have sock yarns and as for lace yarn, I can only use it mixed with other yarns. Sadly my hands don't feel fine yarn properly.
amber in a very wet Scotland

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Jo said...

If you're selling lace yarn, I'm looking for enough to make a Shetland lace shawl in a soft light or medium blue or lavender. Maybe navy.

If you're getting rid of such a thing, let me know how much you want for it.

I hope your health improves. But moving to Scotland has got to be neat!